Best Way to Clean Your Curtains

We’ve got bad news for you. Your curtains are dirtier than you think they are. No, no, we mean it. There’s something about them that make people think they’re invincible. They’re rigid and constant, always there when you need them… They keep out the cold and drafts, so they must keep dust out, too, right? Well, sure! They can do that. But they get dirty in the process. They can even get worn out. Also, curtains tend to be heavy. Being tugged back and forth and being weighed down over a small curtain rod can create frays in the fabric. Not just that… they can harbor a lot more dirt than you think.

So how do you clean your curtains? Why would you clean your curtains? We’re glad you asked.

Why Should I Clean My Curtains?

Think about the last time you cleaned or disturbed your curtains. What’s happened since then? Has dust gathered? Has any small spill hit? What about moisture from a mop or wet shoes? Something has dirtied your curtains, and where there’s dirt and dust, there are allergens and space for mold to grow. These things can not only make you less healthy, but they can wear out your curtains faster than normal. Regular cleaning makes sure they give you the most bang for their buck.

Read the Labels

The first step is to look for a label. If it says “dry-clean only” or “lay flat air dry,” definitely follow those instructions. You could damage the color or fabric otherwise.

Pre-Clean Your Curtains

If your curtains don’t say they dry-clean only, there’s a good chance they go in the wash. You don’t want to throw them in with your clothes or towels, though. Instead, vacuum them, dust them, and make sure to remove any curtain rod hooks. Otherwise, they could snag and cause tears.

Use Cold Water

You’ll want to set your washer to “delicates,” and with the coldest water, you can use. It’s best to wash the curtains alone to avoid any stains from transferring onto them. This also ensures they get the most attention and agitation in the wash. Unless the label says it’s safe, avoid bleach and harsh detergents.

Dry in Stages

Unless they say that your curtains need to be air-dried, you can use the dryer… Kind of. Run them through the dryer on the lowest heat for around five minutes or so. This will eliminate the extra moisture so they won’t drip so much. Next, set out a clothesline and pin them up to air dry. It’s usually not worth letting them go through a full dryer cycle because there are real risks. If left in for too long, you can wind up shrinking your curtains!

While your curtains are in the wash or drying, take the time to dust behind them and clean any dust they may have sealed in. Please give them a quick iron on the lowest heat setting when they’re all dried out. It’s not a huge job, but it’s an extra laundry day to start thinking about. How often should you clean them? Most manufacturers recommend every three to six months. Overdoing it can damage them as much as neglecting them.

But clean curtains can make a huge difference! Allergies won’t bother you as much, and you’ll notice less dust drifting through the air. Odors also dissipate faster because curtains absorb those too. Wash them! If you need further tips or assistance, contact Green Bee Maids for more information.