The following are a list of reasons why you should give family, friends, or coworkers a cleaning service gift for holidays, birthdays, or just a kind gesture. Read on to learn why maid services make a great present.

The Present of a Great Experience

Studies show that those who spend money to save time are significantly happier than people who spend money on personal possessions. Spending more time with family watching movies or playing board games instead of arguing over laundry or dishes amounts to more harmony and less stress.

Health Considerations

Professionally cleaned homes create a healthier environment for your family – less dust and animal fur, fewer germs and viruses. You can breathe easier and get sick less.

Our children (and our furry children) deserve a hygienic and beautiful place to live. Their immune system is more fragile than ours and clean home is a must for our little ones.

Get Everything In Tip Top Shape

Yes, every person can clean home on their own. OK, nearly every person. But to get into every nook and cranny, remove stains and build-up of calcium takes some serious muscle. A professional maid service will spend vastly more time and effort on the cleaning than one even the most dedicated home owner can.

Reduce Stress

Living in a home that’s not clean can be aggravating and creating a constant background of low-level stress. Our home is so important to how we feel and existing in clutter space constantly creates a feeling of hopelessness and things being out of control. Conversely, having a beautiful, shiny, organized home gives a feeling of everything being hopeful and well-managed.

How many times do we search for our keys, an important piece of paper, a matching sock, or something else that’s missing in action? All these micro activities are not only counter-productive, they create laziness and a waste of valuable time on a regular basis. A home that’s clean and organized allows you to move faster and get more done.

Create a Welcoming Environment

It’s well known that one of the pillars of happiness is having a strong network of friends and family. But it’s embarrassing for a lot of people to invite anyone over if the stove is full of grease and the dust bunnies are roaming every shelf. Conversely, beautiful and pristine home creates a joyful background for the bonding time with the ones you love the most.

Our home is frequently our biggest investment. It’s important to keep it in good shape and well-maintained. As with most other things in life, it takes a lot less money to take care of something on a regular basis rather than let it deteriorate and then have an emergency intervention (when mother-in-law is coming to town!)

It’s the Thought that Counts

It’s a universal and thoughtful gift. Some people are difficult to shop for. They may not enjoy or even appreciate the present that you spent your hard-earned money for. Maid service provides a gift of time and freedom – for this person to do whatever pleases them.

The Responsible Choice

It’s a socially responsible present. Rather than spending money on one more consumeristic item that was mass-produced in the third-world countries by underpaid and overworked labor and would be quickly discarded filling the landfill, you can help a local small business that invests in community, complies with labor laws, and nurtures its employees.