How Can I Add Storage to My Bathroom?

The bathroom is one of those things where if you like it, you really like it. If you’re anything like most of us, though, your bathroom could be a bit better. One of the most common complaints we hear about them is that there’s never enough storage space. For such a limited space, our bathrooms serve vital functions. Our wake-up and bedtime routines usually start and end here… And those complex routines can take up space in a hurry. Don’t fret – Even a tiny bathroom can find storage space. You don’t need to spend money on a full remodel, either!

Take a look and see if any of these simple tricks can help your bathroom feel more luxurious.

Sort Under the Sink

The space under the sink is often neglected. It’s out of the way; so many people shove a few things down there and forget about it. That’s fine. Well, no! Why not add a couple of shelves down there to keep cleaning supplies organized? It’s a great place for extra bags and buckets and can help keep your shower free of clutter.

The doors also offer storage. You can store tools like blow dryers on hooks that attach right to the door. Hair products can nestle below in hanging baskets or wire racks. These are usually lightweight enough that simple adhesive hooks will do the trick.

Upgrade Your Medicine Cabinet

One popular trick that we love is cheap, too. Open up your medicine cabinet and take a look at the back of the door. That’s prime real estate for storage. Fix one of those magnetic whiteboards to that space, and then you can hang hooks, pouches, and all sorts of things. This makes a great place to store razors, nail polish, scissors… Anything that can hang or fit in a little bin can go here.

Use Your Wall Space as Storage

Many people forget that every wall is an opportunity to create new storage. Instead of the simple towel bar, consider an entire rack – Little shelves in which you can store towels can do a lot. When your hand towels are all stowed, you’ll have room on top of the shelf for soaps, swabs, and more. This frees up essential closet and counter space and is as convenient as possible.

Basket shelves are another great application and are even easier to install. Baskets on your walls will lift things like makeup and scrubs off of your countertop. Installation is a breeze, too – Push two nails through the basket’s weave and then hammer into the wall. This simple solution can make a huge difference.

Reuse Old Furniture

If you’ve got a great display case that doesn’t suit the living room, see if it can enjoy a second life in the restroom. These often have great vertical storage potential. They can make a great place to mount even more baskets and store linens. As a bonus, they tend to be tall enough that things you’d rather hide can go in a basket on top. Things like toilet paper or hygiene products can tuck away into something pretty.

A little creative thinking and use of areas you wouldn’t otherwise consider can go a long way. Your bathroom doesn’t have to stay cluttered – Toss what you don’t need, and move what you do. If you need more ideas, contact us at Green Bee Maids.