How to Care for Different Floors

Some people dread cleaning their floors. Maybe it’s a tricky material, or there’s a whole lot of floor to clean. That’s to say nothing of maintenance, either – But this is essential. Think about the most worn-down part of your floor. You might have to replace it someday, but what’s the big deal? The average cost of installing a new floor is well over $2000. That’s only counting residences, too – Imagine the cost of flooring a business. You start to see why caring for your floors is very important, right?

Now that you know how important it is to maintain your floor, you might be wondering about YOUR floor. There are several kinds of floors which each have their own needs. Let’s go over some of the most common ones here.

1) Hardwood Floors

Wooden floors are well-loved because of how durable and gorgeous they are. If your floor gets a lot of traffic, you’ll have to clean it more often, but it is important at least once a week. One important thing to note: If you have real wood on your floor, do not clean with water! Unless your floor is polyurethane treated, that is. Water can cause stains and damage. Instead, spot-treat your floor, use specific wood cleaners and make good use of a dust mop. Always dry clean your hardwood floor and use wood cleaners that reach deep.

2) Vinyl Floors

Like with wood floors, water can be a serious enemy here. Vinyl floors tend to have a layer of lamination that moisture will damage. Scrubbing can damage this lamination, cause it to peel, and lead to deeper problems. This is why you should avoid washing vinyl floors but use microfiber towels to clean up spills. Mild, neutral floor cleaners are safe to use, though.

3) Stone and Tile

Stone and tile floors have a lot in common. Porous surfaces like grout and concrete retain moisture that can damage the material. Always treat your concrete with sealer, and scrub and wax it regularly. Dusting these floors and mopping them clean is essential and helps your floor shine.

4) Linoleum

Linoleum is popular because of its ease of maintenance. Dusting and mopping are all you need to do, and water is fine to use here as long as you don’t overdo it. You can apply floor wax and polish it off to help manage scuff and scratch marks, too.

5) Carpet

Chances are, if you have a living room, you have a carpet. Prevention is key here – Take your shoes off at the door and avoid liquid cleaners. Spot clean with a carpet cleaner. What you want is something that will absorb from the carpet when you’re done. Because it’s fabric, some people try laundry soap. Please don’t do it! This requires far too much water to rinse well, and leftover detergent will stick to dirt. Also, always remember to blot dry, not rub – And if all else fails, try a steam cleaner.

Your floors will last a long time by knowing what you have and staying on top of its care. If you need help with any specifics, ask Green Bee Maids what we can do to help your floors sparkle.