We all have that Tupperware that we put left over spaghetti, lasagna or chili in and now it is stained a reddish brown. It is annoying that you can wash it a hundred times and it is never cleaned. But what if there was a way to get that taken care of. Here we’ll solve that problem and make life a bit easier.

Social Media Hack

Social media is now a big part of daily life for most of us, and during this pandemic and quarantine time there has been a trick circulating the world wide web. This trick is a way to clean your Tupperware that is so easy you could do it while you sleep. Simply put some dish soap in your container, then add some warm water. Tear up a few pieces of paper towel and put them in the container, also. Then place the lid and shake it vigorously for forty-five to sixty seconds. Rinse once that is completed, your Tupperware should be spotless. Ta-da!


Immediate Cleaning

Now some preliminary steps to help prevent the staining in the first place can be taken also. The first we’ll discuss is an immediate rinse and wash, if possible, the moment they’re empty. This first step helps prevent any lingering smells from the plastic itself, or from curries, pastas, or soups that you may have stored in your containers. A thorough was with hot water and dish soap is best, but a water rinse before a soapy lather is so quite helpful also.


A pinch of salt is another way to prevent Tupperware staining. Even though leftover pastas and curries make the most convenient desk lunches, they often leave a smell in your Tupperware that you can never truly rid them of. Adding a large pinch of salt to these Tupperware containers while they are in the cupboard sitting will help rid them of smells so that your turkey sandwich doesn’t end up smelling like sauce or curry seasoning. Make sure to wipe the bottom and sides of any containers before using them, unless you want a mouthful of salt.


Now sunlight is a powerful thing and it great for almost anything. Placing your Tupperware outside on a nice sunny, warm day will help them air out and this will take advantage of the sun’s natural ability to fight odors.


After you wash your Tupperware with warm or hot water and dish soap, fill them with white vinegar and let that sit for about five minutes in your Tupperware and then rinse. This will help remove any lasting, stinky smells that are clinging to the plastic. After that, pour out the vinegar and wash with soap and water.


Another way to clean your Tupperware and rid them of the smell is storing them overnight with newspaper. Now this is a trick that hasn’t really been explained. The persistent smells in plastic food containers often disappear when the newspaper is introduced. Place a piece of crumpled newspaper inside of the Tupperware, place the lid on and snap it into place, and store them as you normally would. It only needs to be left over night, but it can stay there as long as you want. Remember to wash with soap and water after, since newspaper’s not always known for being a clean product.

In Conclusion

These are some of the best ways to clean your Tupperware. They have been used for many years. They are proven useful so you should choose whatever method you see fit and test it out.