How to Get Laundry Soap Out of Carpets

It happens more often than you might think – There you are, getting ready to handle the last load of laundry in the day, and somewhere along the line, it happens: Your essential laundry soap goes tumbling to the ground, and a big puddle of blue liquid spreads over your carpet. It’s a nightmare! And laundry detergent isn’t your ordinary soap, either – It’s thick and reactive and can damage fabrics when it’s not diluted by water, leave soap scummy-stains and discolor your carpet. Nobody needs that! Luckily, in just a few hours (at the most!), you can fix the problem.

The Easy Route

Do you happen to be one of the homeowners lucky enough to own a steam cleaner? If so, you’re in luck! A steam cleaner on its own will do the job – Treat it like any other stain after soaking up the excess detergent, and you’ll be fine. Run the steam cleaner like normal as many times as it takes for the texture and color to return to normal. If you don’t have one, you still have options!

Blot it Dry

Mixing up a gallon of hot water with a cup of vinegar creates a solution that breaks down the soap. Soak a towel or sponge in the mix, then wring it out over the stain. Let it soak, then blot with a fresh towel, paper towels, or whatever else you have that can soak up the stain. You’ll have to repeat the process a few times, but this method will eventually get it all up.

Wet/Dry Vacuum

A wet vac is a great tool to have around the house, but it does require some additional steps. While it would be great to suck it all up, that won’t work. First, take a spray bottle and fill it with the hottest water it can handle. Next, spray the soap stain until the carpet is dampened. Then, run the wet vac over the damp spot. Let it sit, then repeat the process until the stain is gone. You may have to towel up some of the most stubborn spots, mind you!

Kitty Litter for Laundry Soap

If you’ve got time to kill, this cheap method will do the trick. As soon as the spill happens, pour plenty of fresh kitty litter over the entire stain. Leave it to sit, and the kitty litter will absorb most of the stain. Of course, you’ll still have to follow some of the above steps, but far fewer times after the absorbent material has gone to work on the soap stain.

If All Else Fails

It’s important to address these stains quickly, but sometimes you can’t get it all. This is where a professional cleaning service comes in handy! Green Bee Maids offers a professional carpet cleaning service with proprietary equipment that ensures your carpets are not only hygienically cleaned but sanitized and freed from stains – Like stubborn laundry soap.

If the worst happens and you don’t want to deal with it, leave it to us! Or, you could try the kitty litter. Honestly, that stuff is great for all kinds of spills!