How to Keep a Mirror Spotless

Whether you’re putting together your best look in the morning or getting ready for a night on the town – Or heck, just brushing your teeth to go to bed after a long day – A streaky mirror can be a messy and unpleasant distraction. I’ve even heard of people missing a piece of broccoli stuck in their teeth because of a spot on the mirror – Yuck! But come on, you don’t need reasons to keep your mirror clean. Everyone probably has their trick that kind of does the job, but we’re going to bet you don’t know these industry tips for getting mirrors clean.

Dirty Mirrors

Chances are if you’re using a bathroom mirror, it’s going to have some gunk that needs to be cleaned. Let’s not forget to take care of that – And let’s also not complicate matters by trying some sneaky tip from a bygone era like a newspaper. Yes, yes, this used to work because the material of old newspapers had a specific abrasiveness that today’s newspapers don’t have. To make matters worse, cost-cutting measures have made newspaper ink runnier, which might introduce more stains. Paper towels don’t work either, as they leave behind little specks of lint. Finally, if you use household cleaners, you’ll get fog on your mirror when it dries that has to be removed with glass cleaner.

So now that you know what not to do, how do you clean your mirror?

Pro Tips for a Crystal Clean Mirror

First thing’s first, you need to gather some supplies:

  • A flat-weave microfiber cloth. There are all sorts of microfibers out there; what we’re looking for is one that’s flat without any knurls or loose strands. It’s almost like a solid sheet of microfiber which ensures it won’t leave behind lint or other materials.
  • A cotton pad, like the kind you might use for makeup
  • Glass cleaner. You can use the same stuff on your windows or mix vinegar with water.
  • Rubbing alcohol – This is it, the secret weapon. Read on to learn how it works!

Cleaning Steps

  1. Soak your cotton pad in rubbing alcohol and use it to scrape off any bits of gunk. Toothpaste, hair spray, you name it – This does the trick better than anything. It’s like spot cleaning your laundry, and it does a great job. Just work fast because it does evaporate quickly.
  2. Spray your mirror with a mist of glass cleaner – Don’t soak it because that will create more work for you.
  3. Fold your microfiber in half twice, so you have four clean surfaces to work with.
  4. Starting at the upper left corner, drag across to the right, then move down and drag to the left. Zigzag like this until you get to the bottom.
  5. Angle your mirror at 45 degrees and look at it for any spots you may have missed. Spray your cloth and spot clean these trouble spots, then buff dry with a dry part of your cloth.

That’s it! Five simple steps to make sure your mirror is streak-free. You don’t even need a drop of water – In fact, that’s another secret: Even soft water can leave water stains as the water evaporates because minerals inside your pipes can be left behind when the water fades. Stick to the alcohol and glass cleaner, and you’ll have spotless mirrors, easy! If you need further help or have more mirrors than you know what to do with, contact us at Green Bee Maids and we’d be happy to assist with our expertise.