Moms for years have been trying out how to clean the upholstered items that our children use without ruining them. There are always a number of problems you can run into, such as it not drying properly, the seams running loose, and the occasional stains that won’t go away. This week, join us as we review the best ways to safely clean your baby items.

Car Seat

Keeping a car seat clean can be a feat that seems impossible to tackle. Those little crumbs always seem to find the nooks and crannies. Car seat manufacturers are pretty open about what kinds of cleaning products work on their seats and which ones to avoid

The Manual

To start, each car seat comes with a manual. You should read the manual to ensure that you use the correct products and prevent any potential damage to the seat, upholstery, or body of the car seat. You should avoid using any harsh chemicals on your baby related things. Beside the having the ability to annoy, those chemicals can also strip away the flame retardants built into the car seat upholstery.


Clean the upholstery for the seat per the user manual. Hand washing is the most recommended option, and air drying will prevent any damage or shrinking. For the buckle and shoulder clips, it is best to scrub them with a brush or sponge, try to get as much of the food and grime built up on the inside as possible. Vacuum the base of the car seat to ensure that there are no food particles on the seat.

If you are new to this, take pictures as you take apart the seat.


You can wipe down the harness using a damp towel to remove as many stains and smells as possible. It is best to let it dry by air and in the sun which can help eliminate some of the order. Never submerge he straps of the car seat. I can damage the fibers of the webbing and do not use soap, as tempting as it may be.


Strollers are such a convenient thing and an extremely common baby item. They do need cleaning every now and then as they accumulate dirt and grime off of the ground and their environment. The first thing to do when cleaning your stroller is read the manual. Strollers are almost all different and they all work in many different ways. There are a few main things you want to look for when reading the manual about cleaning.


Can you remove the fabric from the seat? Some strollers’ fabrics are simple to clean as they are machine washable. But, not all strollers allow for the upholstery to be taken off and they would need to be spot cleaned.


How to remove the car seat fabric from stroller body? The solution to this problem will depend on the brand and model of your stroller. Remember, if you throw away your stroller’s manufacturer’s instructions manual, look online for a copy.


How to remove the stroller wheels? It is important to give the wheels a good cleaning too, from time to time. This is very important if you’re taking your stroller out and about, like to the beach, the park or in the rain. Also, it is recommended to never submerge the wheels in water as you could damage the working system of the wheels. The wheels are lubricated using oil.