With more office spaces beginning to open back up, this question may be heavy on your mind these days. After all, you may be returning to the office for the first time in a year. There is a whole new working paradigm to adjust to now. But there are several questions that you will need to answer first before you can determine your office cleaning schedule. For instance, you may want to schedule certain rooms to be cleaned daily and others that do not get used as often to be cleaned every other day or even weekly. Depending on the size of your business and the nature of the activity, your needs will be different from the office next door. In this article, we review how to determine what your office cleaning schedule should be.

Type of Business

The first consideration in determining how frequently your commercial cleaning company needs to come in is what type of business you are conducting. If you have clients in and out all day you will likely need more frequent cleaning in order to maintain a certain level of hygiene. Likewise, if you are in a medical facility your cleaning requirements will be much higher. However, if you only see clients once a week, then you may need cleaning much less frequently.

Type of Office Space

Depending on your office lay out, your cleaning needs will certainly change. For instance, if your employees have cubicles dividing their workspaces then there is a greater risk of germ spreading. In this situation it would be a good idea to have more frequent cleanings. However, if your employees work in divided offices and rarely come into contact with each other, then less frequent cleanings are required. Another thing to consider is if you have any employees with any outstanding medical issues that would require a greater level of cleanliness in order for them to feel safe in returning to the workplace.

Common Areas

One thing that should not be neglected is the cleaning of common areas. Spaces like office lobbies, elevators, employee breakrooms, and most importantly bathrooms will need to get cleaned daily. These are the spaces that have the most foot traffic in any office environment. Restrooms especially should be an area of particular attention. In any home or office environment, restrooms and kitchens have the highest level of bacteria.

To keep a tidy space and to keep your employees healthy, you should ensure that these areas are kept clean and sanitized as often as possible. In fact, it is a good idea to have cleaning and sanitizing materials on hand at all times in these rooms even when your cleaning crew is not currently on duty. Keeping the supplies on hand and making use of them will help your employees to feel safer and more comfortable returning to the workspace.

In Conclusion

Maintaining a clean and sanitary work environment is not only good for business as no client wants to enter an unkempt office. It is also a way to keep your employees happy and comfortable coming in to work each day. In short, it is good for business all around to keep your office areas clean by making use of a professional cleaning service on a regular basis.