When getting your home ready for the Winter, there’s a lot to clean. Nobody doubts that. And after hitting all the big rooms and obvious spaces, it can be tempting to throw in the towel and call it good enough, right? Not so fast! While you’ve still got a bit of warm weather available to you, why not take advantage and give your home one last deep clean? In this article, we’ll go over three places that you may forget to clean and give you tips on how to get them clean in time for the down season.

The Underneath

Of the places you may forget to clean, this one’s pretty forgivable but critically important. The top of your tables, sofa, and chairs all look nice and immaculate, but there’s still a funky smell you can’t quite track down. A lot of times, messes can be lurking just out of reach, growing mold and bacteria and wearing down at the finish and durability of your furniture. Be sure when you’re cleaning to check under couches, on the ceilings of cupboards and drawers, the bottom of coffee tables – All of these places are stain magnets, especially if you have pets that like to walk under the table during dinner time.

How do you clean under furniture? Well – If you can, flip it over and get at the underside at least once a month. If you can’t, applying the appropriate spray cleaners to microfiber cloths and going at it until the grime stops building up will do the trick in most cases.

Closet Floors

Of all the parts of the closet that get cleaned out, not many people go through the trouble of dragging out everything that’s inside it just to get at the floor. But this is important! Closets, being dark, relatively damp places, can foster mold growth and serve as breeding grounds for creepy crawlies. Even if everything above the ground level is doing just fine, getting behind boxes and under any additions to your closet, such as shelves or hampers, is important. How do you clean your closet floor? At least once a season, get ready to pull everything out of the closet and clean out the carpet and scrub the baseboards. Make sure to lighten your load by discarding any old clothes you no longer need. Consider taking them to a thrift store! Oh, speaking of –

Your Base Boards

This is the big one a lot of people neglect. Your baseboards are important. Ignoring them means ignoring a lot of dust and debris that can pile up and spread germs and dust and mold throughout your house. Ignoring them means you might miss a spot where pests are getting into your home. Plus, once they’re clean, you’ll love the look of your home that much more. To clean baseboards, start by cleaning the walls – All the grime will run down onto your baseboards, and then go along the perimeter on top of your baseboards where dust accumulates. Once the tops are clean, start scrubbing down to the floor and use a straight edge or similar tool to scoop out any crumbs that may have fallen under the boards. If you can do this twice a month, you’ll be in good shape.

In Conclusion

Of course, the pros know how to help you cover the places you may forget – So don’t hesitate to call us and ease the burden of trouble spots!