Weekly cleaning is something you’re probably all familiar with. And thought you may already have a routine. But for some individuals who are struggling with the day-to-day responsibilities, the breakdown can be very helpful. In this article, we’re looking at weekly cleaning habits for your home.

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Dusting Your Surfaces

The surfaces in your home are landing pads for debris that fly through your home. Dust is more than just an annoying dirty substance on your shelves. This layer of debris the blankets your home contains pet dander, skin cells, dandruff, dirt, allergens and tiny bits of food. Weekly cleaning should include dusting. Dusting your home means removing the substances so that you don’t have to inhale them. As a health measure, surfaces that should be dusted weekly include tables, TVs, shelves, knickknacks, picture frames, doors, bed frames and window sills. If you notice buildup, you should include ceiling fans and blinds.


Vacuuming your carpets and area rugs are just as important as dusting. The dust settled on your hard surfaces had also settled in your carpet. What’s more, any debris carried in by pets or on the soles of shoes has also become trapped within the fibers of your carpet. Carpet can become a home for dust mites and other pests. Tiny pests could aggravate existing health conditions. These contaminants on your floor are disturbed as you walk to the room. Weekly cleaning that includes vacuuming removes contaminants and debris. For high traffic areas such as hallways and paths in front of your couch, spend a couple extra minutes slowly running your vacuum through these areas. The debris may sit deeper and become matted. Spending extra time on these paths will loosen this layer and can even make your carpet feel more comfortable.

Sweeping And Mopping

Sweeping and mopping go hand-in-hand. You cannot effectively mop your floors if you have large debris in between the grout lines of your tile floor. Sweeping your floor can help make sure that you remove food particles that could attract pest such as ants and cockroaches. Mopping will remove visible dirt and odd marks on your floor. However, mopping is a way a sanitizing your floor from any bacteria and microbes you may have tracked in with daily use. Areas to be swept and mopped include all tile, laminate or hardwood areas. Be sure to use cleaners that are specifically safe for your flooring. For example, hardwood floors should not be saturated with water or used with a filmy cleaning substance. Certain tile floors, such as terrazzo, have a specific cleaning method that you must use to avoid damage.

Disinfecting Your Bathroom

Weekly cleaning that includes disinfecting your bathroom just makes sense. Throughout the week you may notice an uptake in hair on the floor or a musty smell in the shower stall. Weekly cleaning in your bathroom deters the growth of mold and bacteria from daily use. It also removes buildup of soap scum or hard water stains that can cause a hazard. Soap scum is not only unsightly, but it can also make surfaces slippery increasing your chances of falling. Hard water stains can become permanent and cause damage to the contacted surfaces. Cleaning all the surfaces with disinfectant removes bacteria and contaminants born from daily use of the bathroom. Plus, it smells and feels much cleaner.

Disinfecting Your Doorknobs Light Switches Phones And Remotes

This step is often missed during the weekly cleaning process. Your doorknobs, light switches, phones, and remotes are some of the most common surfaces touched within your home. They are some of the hot spots of bacterial growth that you have daily contact with. Taking time to disinfect these surfaces can help prolong your good health.

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