St. Patricks Day is a holiday celebrated around the world. We see leprechauns, pot of gold, and rainbows start showing up everywhere. This holiday has been around for centuries. It was first observed in the United States in 1737, coordinated by the Charitable Irish Society of Boston, which still is active today. There are so many ways to celebrate this holiday, but here are some ideas for how to celebrate the traditions. Read on to learn how to celebrate St. Patricks Day at home.


This holiday has some symbols that are easily recognizable. There are some great crafts that make these symbols, such as a four leafed clover or a rainbow and pot of gold, easily right from home.


For the four-leaf clovers, there are so many projects you can do right from home. One of the easiest options is construction paper. You simply draw the shape and cute it out. If you wanted to make it a little more festive, you can grab some green, yellow, and gold tissue paper and put little pieces all over your clover. Another option, is taking a paper plate and cut a four leaf clover out. Leave it connected at the bottom so that it creates a silhouette. You can then color it or glue glitter to it. Then hang it on any window or door that gets a lot of sun and look for the shadow.

Pot of Gold

Now for the rainbow and pot of gold, this one can be done so many different ways. For younger children, you can just give them whatever craft utensil you’re wanting to use. You can use finger paints, markers, pencils, crayons, or you can use construction paper. Let them play in it and have fun. Once they are done, you can take it and cut it into the recognizable arch of a rainbow. Once that is done you can take a piece of paper and do the same but with black. That will be the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. The gold for the pot can be made out of paper, tissue paper, gold foil, or glitter.

Green Foods

Now one of the most known green foods is green eggs and ham. Dr. Suess is famous for creating the idea in his book “Green Eggs and Ham”. It is such a fun thing and it can be done right at home. It can be as simple as adding green food coloring or you can just incorporate green into the meal. Adding some cilantro, parsley, or spinach to a meal is simply and is quite good for you.

What about the drinks? Now green beer is always a fun treat for adults, but it’s for adults. So what are some ways to make green drinks for our little ones? There are so many options for this. You can take your child’s favorite drink and just add food coloring. Or you can mix up some yummy root beer floats with green ice cream. They will love the bubbliness and it will be green.

Catch Something Lucky

Legend has it if you catch a leprechaun, he has to take you to his gold at the end of the rainbow. You can keep this story alive by helping your child create a trap for St. Patricks Day. Not only is this a fun activity, but it also helps them learn about building and problem solving.

Encourage your child to attract the leprechaun by lining the front of the entrance with gold and sweets. You can use rocks or glitter or chocolate coins for this. Then use either construction paper or painted strips of paper to create a colorful path for the leprechaun to follow to your trap. You can leave a trail of glitter or clovers to show that he came and escaped.